Civil War Spies

A List of Male Civil War Spies

The Civil War happened during the nineteenth century. Soldiers and other members of the army were not the only important members of the war. Civil war spies did their own job in helping their armies to defeat enemies by gathering information along enemy territory. Men did most of the fighting but there were a number of women who also became soldiers and spies. Here is a list of spies who contributed greatly to their army’s war.

Allan Pinkerton
He may be the most famous of the Civil war spies. General George McClellan brought him to the warfront. He assigned Pinkerton to be his spymaster. He was a railroad detective and he used his information-gathering skills in his spying.

Lafayette Baker
He was hired by General Winfield Scott to be his intelligence spy. He was asked to work hand-in-hand with Allan Pinkerton but that only resulted in confusion as to whether who was the Confederate spy and who was the Union spy.

Civil War Spies

Civil War Spies

Spencer Kellogg Brown
He was a Union spy who spied and gathered information about the whereabouts and goings-on of the Confederates. Together with his buddy named Trussed, they boarded Charm, a Confederate ship and pretended to be deserters of the Union army. There they gathered information about the shore batteries and relayed the information back to the Union Army to be used against the confederates.

George Richmond
He was one of the Civil war spies who used to work for Allan Pinkerton during the war. He moonlighted as a seller of contrabands to Confederates and he was never suspected as a spy. Because of this, he was tasked to deliver and bring Confederate communication that he copied and sent to the Union army before delivering them to the recipients.

When civil war spies come to mind, the men are always the ones who are regarded. But it is important to know that women also took part in the spying during the Civil war. Some of them actually brought critical information that led to the defeat of their enemies. Although women were discriminated during the nineteenth century, they defied the norms and participated in the most important event during that era.

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